Banking with the true currency exchange rate

What if your money could follow you on your travels easily, without the hassle of currency exchanges and international transaction charges? Leave your bank at’s time to bring Kruma on the road with you.

Kruma Banking Mobile App and Debit Card

Kruma is Banking for People Who Don’t Stay in One Place

Travel is tricky enough – you’ve already got visas, passports, bus schedules and accommodation bookings to worry about.

What if you could cross currency exchange off your travel planning to-do list, just by downloading one app?

What if there was a way to make exchanging money a breeze, so that you can manage your finances easier wherever you go?

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We bring the real change in currency exchange

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Exchange your money at the true currency exchange rate

We want to make banking simpler for frequent travelers, digital nomads, business travelers and those of you who tend to book random spontaneous getaways to somewhere weird when you are browsing travel deals on your lunch break. 

Free global currency debit card

Kruma basic and premium debit cards

Spend on your Kruma virtual or plastic card

Spend anywhere in the world using your Kruma World Debit Card. Have immediate access to your USD, CAD, GBP and EURO multi-currency card and wallets. 

Kruma basic and premium debit cards

Spend with mobile money and Apple Pay

Traveling to an area where debit cards are not accepted? Kruma allows you to spend your exchanged currency by withdrawing it to an M-Pesa, MTN Money, Vodafone Cash, Orange Money and Tigo Cash Mobile Money wallets.

You can also add your Kruma card to Apple Pay and spend wherever Apple Pay is accepted. 

Pay with Apple Pay

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Orange Money

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Vodafone Cash

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MTN Money
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Tigo Cash

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