We are helping millennials build a brighter financial future

Kruma is built by millennials just like you.
Our customers are our partners

We build features based on our customer feedback. Tell us what you think, Give feedback!

Expert financial planning and coaching

Our financial planners help set and improve your financial plans and financial coaches keep you accountable for your goals.

Access to modern financial products

With Kruma, you can apply for modern financial products such as savings and investment accounts and lending and credit products built for you.

Our Vision

We are Financial Technology startup building digital applications to help millennials generate comprehensive financial plans. We believe that with guided financial planning, guidance and advise our consumers globally will be better prepared to for financial emergencies and retirement.

We believe that we can make a difference in the financial lives of our customers one connection at a time. Financial guidance is just the start. We have our sights set on providing future fair financial products centered around customer feedback and devoid of the predatory practices of wall street and big finance.

Our Core Mission and Values

Our mission is to change lives using real human expert guidance and accountability enabled by modern top-notch technology.

Our values and mission will allow us to be a leader in making sure that our generation is prepared for a better future.

  • Put the customer first
  • Do the right thing
  • Work as a team and take care of each other
  • Give back and inspire others to reach their potential
  • Challenge the status quo and uses market knowledge to innovate and stay ahead.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Kruma.